Flying Pig GSE

Pigs can’t fly, but we make them try

"We have an impressive range of services to support your GSE needs globally"

About Us

Flying Pig GSE was created to provide the aviation industry a genuine resource for all things ground support equipment with a global reach. I have over 35 years of experience in this field and believe I offer great value and insight. I started my career as a ramp agent in 1982, have purchased and sold thousands of pieces of ground support equipment and have been involved in many firsts in the GSE business including the sale of the very first Cobus 3000 airfield buses to Los Angeles International Airport. I have represented foreign manufacturers here in North America and even manufactured my own electric baggage tractor back in 2006 called the eTug. I was awarded “Green Leader” for this in 2010 by Ground Support Worldwide. In the last five years I have worked for various different finance and leasing companies with a global reach.


We look forward to offering you a fresh, honest approach to an impressive range of services to support your GSE needs globally.

Flying Pig GSE Global Partners

For the convenience of time and efficiency, we partner with trusted and validated companies all over the world to offer a single source service for most all of your GSE requirements. It’s this that allows us to offer you a vast array of services from a single source including:


Asset brokering services
Battery sourcing & disposal
Cost reductions
Digital Asset Ownership Certificate
GSE Appraisals
GSE Fleet review
GSE maintenance
Foreign GSE manufacturer representations
Environmental review
Leasing / Financing
Pay per use programs
Remote Gates
Used GSE
Virtual Reality & Simulation Training
Virus protection systems
VR/AR GSE marketing


Flying Pig GSE currently represents the following manufacturers here in North America:



New, cost effective GSE from India including: Beltloaders, dollies, carts, lav / water carts and non motorized pax stairs.



Aircraft ground power units and airport pit systems. High-quality European manufactured units with CE certifications. Now available here in North America.


Bliss Fox / Panus

Manufacturers of quality baggage and aircraft tractors built like tanks. You really have to see these tractors in person to fully appreciate the thickness of the steal and the heavy dusty components used for long life and durability in airport environments.



3D Holographic Displays - Flying Pig GSE LLC represents Hypervision for the latest in digital holographic displays. This could be used at airports or trade shows to highlight instructions or bring attention to a new product. This amazing technology can be financed for low entry cost and is very simple to set up and operate.



Westins manufacture one of the most amazing products we have ever seen after 36 years in the business. “Westins” ELECTRIC, Stairtruck with integrated wheelchair lift. It’s operated with a joystick from the upper driver station with perfect visibility to the aircraft. An exceptional design now now available in North America by Flying Pig GSE LLC. Options available including a “clear view” canopy. Contact me directly for additional information and pricing.

Why flying pig gse

One: The phrase “when pigs fly" is a figure of speech that describes an impossibility. The implication of such a phrase is that the circumstances in question will never occur. The point here however is that the Flying Pig GSE’s global network will do whatever it takes to to provide the client with a good experience and make every effort to help the client and get the job done. Pigs can’t fly but we make them try.


Secondly: For my dad who loves pigs and used to work on a farm when he was a child. It is a small way to honor him for everything he has done for me over my life to support me. (He is happily semi retired in Southern California with my mother soaking in the sun operating a small British food and gift store


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